The Benefits of Coffee!

Powerful source of antioxidants – This means that coffee has some properties that can protect your body against free radical damage.

Vasodilator – Helps to increase blood flow around body and the brain helping you to feel more alert and energised.

Get jacked for your workout! – Coffee raises heart rate so increases the rate of oxygen delivery around body helping you to have more energy and focus for your workout.

With added coconut oil coffee provides the brain and the body with easily accessible fuel in the form of medium chain triglycerides. Getting energy from these types of fats and not simple carbohydrates will reduce the spike in insulin, therefore creating a better environment for fat loss. As they mimic carbohydrates they will still provide fast instant energy.

As with any stimulant they are not for everyone. If you suffer with digestive issues, are highly stressed or have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue we recommend that you abstain from your morning cup of sunshine!!

Even the most sensible of caffeine users should take  a break every now and again.