How to Keep Healthy When Parenting is Your Number One Priority!

Not having children myself it has taken the experiences of my clients to show me what information is really helpful and how I can practically help them find ways to eat healthy and keep exercising. I am really passionate about helping parents still remain healthy even when their priorities have shifted and when time is tight so I hope this next series will give some useful tips and ideas.

In this first blog I want to give you some advice on how you can still exercise even when time is tight and you don’t often have much time to focus on yourself. When life pulls your focus in different directions it can be really hard to reconfigure your schedule to fit in the things that once were an important part of your week. With children now in your life it is likely that exercise has taken a nose dive to the bottom on your priority list and it probably almost feels impossible to find anytime to do any. I think every parent feels the same and from my experience with clients and friends the first thing that you need to do is readjust your expectations. Life has changed and so your exercise will need to as well, and that is completely ok and doesn’t mean you are failing as a human. This readjustment is also crucial in order to prevent a situation developing where you feel out of control and completely demotivated now you can’t necessarily fit in the exercise you used to do.

Another common consequence when having children is the feeling of guilt when to comes to exercise, mostly because when you do have 30 minutes spare there are so many other things you could be doing, from cleaning, to washing to sorting bills. But when we consider how important exercise is to not only our physical health but also our mental wellbeing it is something that should be allowed to be prioritized without a sense of being selfish. Ultimately if we look after our wellbeing we will be able to give more, we will be happier and be much more able to cope with the stresses and trials of everyday life and the energy needed to raise children.
Exercise needs to fit in with your schedule and your life and the great thing is that you don’t have to exercise for hours for it to be effective, in fact quite the opposite. Exercising for 20-30 minutes can be really effective at maintaining and improving fitness, the key is to ensure the sessions push you and the intensity is high. The great thing about high intensity session is that they are easily done at home with very little equipment. Doing 20-30 mins 3x a week of HIIT training will keep you fit and not put unrealistic pressure on your time. If 20 minutes still seems too much then start at 10minutes and work up to a longer session.

Below are some examples of HIIT sessions that could be done at home whilst the kids are asleep or at school.
For this programme we are going to use a simple 30 seconds of work and then 30 seconds of rest format. A round timer app can be easily downloaded to make this even more simple and hassle free.

Programme 1 – 30:30

A1) Body weight squat
A2) Press ups
A3) Sit ups
A4) Squat jumps
A5) Plank
A6) Burpies

X 4 = 20 minutes work

Programme 2 – 30:30

A1) Alternating reverse lunges
A2) Side plank
A3) High knees
A4) Reverse curls
A5) Kneeling get ups
A6) Glute bridges


B1) Spidermen
B2) Cobras
B3) Deadbugs


= 30 minutes work

Start by trying to do 2-3 sessions a week and when this starts to feels achievable maybe add in one more.

If you would like anymore help please don’t hesitate to contact at me.