Personal Training

Having been employed as a personal trainer at one of London’s leading personal training studios since 2012, I have had the pleasure and opportunity of working with a wide array of clients. This experience has enabled me to gain an understanding, through practise, of how I can structure, plan and programme my client’s training to fit their individual needs.

Rather than following a predetermined ‘method’, I use my expertise to ensure the sessions and support work around training are specifically designed to target the end goal. This means training can vary greatly from functional resistance to work, HIIT training, boxing, mobility specific programmes and rehab focused work to yoga. It is incredibly important that the client informs the programme, not the other way around. This ensures the client’s personal strengths and weaknesses are identified and respected, allowing the programme to push and improve their individual ability and fitness.

I am passionate about working with people, helping them find an approach that works for them, so they can take ownership of and enjoy for the rest of theirs lives.

I have experience in training older clients who are 55+, pre and post natal, sports specific performance goals, fat loss, and other lifestyle goals.

The journey towards results isn’t always easy, but with the right help, support and coaching it will be much achievable and far more fun! My aim is to incorporate education, coaching and, of course, hard work with enjoyment and creativity to enable you to feel fitter, stronger and more capable in everything you do.