How to Keep Healthy When Parenting is Your Number One Priority!

Not having children myself it has taken the experiences of my clients to show me what information is really helpful and how I can practically help them find ways to eat healthy and keep exercising. I am really passionate about …

Making Successful Habit Change

How many times have you said to yourself that you will start on Monday, or get back on it after the weekend with the intention of doing a diet overhaul and starting to live the uber healthy lifestyle you are …

The Benefits of Coffee!

Powerful source of antioxidants – This means that coffee has some properties that can protect your body against free radical damage.

Vasodilator – Helps to increase blood flow around body and the brain helping you to feel more alert and energised.

Get jacked for your workout! – Coffee raises heart rate so increases the rate of oxygen delivery around body helping you to have more energy and focus for your workout.

Post-Natal Training Tips

Post-Natal Training Tips and Considerations The post-natal period can be a challenging time in terms of keeping a regular exercise routine. Although time to yourself will feel very hard to come by try to find 15-30 minutes two times a …