Nutrition is an incredibly important part of our society and culture. I firmly believe that to see results, and maintain them, my role is to help clients find a way to structure their diet and lifestyle so that balance is achieved and food can continued to be enjoyed.

Similarly to how I work as a personal trainer, I don’t have one method or approach when it comes to nutrition. The client needs inform the approach and, as nutrition is hugely dependent on the individual, the method chosen will vary greatly. Some clients may require a rigid prescriptive plan, others a more gradual habit-based approach. Either way will lead to positive change, achieving results, if my advice and guidance can be followed.

My unique skill set and experience as both a personal trainer and sports nutritionist means I can offer a 360 service that leaves no stone unturned. This dual knowledge heightens my understanding of the needs and demands of training from both perspectives. Whether you are training for a marathon, or want to understand how you can improve your diet to support your performance at work, I am able to provide support and help that will drive you towards your goal though education and knowledge, not guess work.

I’m a free launch Performance Nutrition consultant and the consultant nutritionist at Matt Roberts Personal Training. Alongside the one-on-one support I offer I also offer online nutrition support. This is a cost effective option that can be delivered to you wherever you may be.